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Financial Accounting Software

With the development of technology, Financial Accounting has gained lots of importance in different spheres of business. In fact, we are a company that specializes in the preparation and management of accounting software, under which we not only emphasize in financial accounting, but in management accounting, as well. With the software we develop, we are sure that it will largely prove to be helpful for any business organization in reducing the manual effort. Our team of experts is qualified, experienced and dedicated, so that they can best understand the requirements of the software in various different fields and accordingly offer the right solution for it.

As far as financial accounting is concerned, while developing our software program, we try to give emphasis on several different factors.  For instance, we give lots of emphasis on general ledger, which is one of the primary basics of accounting. We develop ledger in such a manner, so that it contains the summarized information of finance of a company. Using a chart of accounts, we specify different account numbers in the ledger. The importance of Fixed Asset in this context can also not be underestimated. We help in developing these assets, so that the financial records can easily be managed on the fixed assets.

Our experts also specialize in the development of payables and Receivables, by means of which a business can easily maintain the list of monetary transaction of the vendors quite accurately. This is also quite helpful because it represents the amount that is owed by a company from a vendor.  On the contrary, the Receivables refer to the money owed by the customers to another entity in exchange of the transaction. We ensure that we offer the best service in terms of operating lines of credit. The Cash Management and Financial Consolidation are also important parts of the financial accounting that we incorporate in the software.  This in turn, can largely help in the development of any business organization.

On the other hand, our accounting software also deals with management accounting where again different concepts like budgeting, costing and different types of costing are incorporated into the software. Our team of experts employs the best techniques in order to ensure that a company is well able to manage the costing and budgeting on various different levels. Ranging from zero based budgeting to Activity Based Costing, these are the different things that we incorporate into the software making tasks absolutely easy for any company.

In fact, activity based costing refers to the cost that is required to fetch a customer. It is the actual cost in association with activities. With the help of our software, management of such costing becomes absolutely easy, and the chances of inaccuracy also get reduced to a great extent. Therefore, at Rancor Infotech, we can assure you that we have solutions for different types of account management. By using our software, you will surely be benefitted as it would reduce the need of manpower of your organization to a great extent.

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