We understand the data, video & voice applications and can design a secure and redundant network backbone that can support all applications and leave room for future expansion.

  We offer Wired, Wireless & VPN solutions to connect multiple locations.
  We can help you plan & implement Security Policy for your Network and users.

  We provide Complete Network Management & Support Services to ensure that your investment is up & running 24x7.

  RANCOR has its own SERVICE which provides specialized training on CISCO, Microsoft & Linux with state of the art infrastructure.



We at National Micro provide you with ups rental, printers on rent, computer on hire, touch screens on hire and what not! With the services just a call away, there are large number of benefits you get written below-

  Desktops : Assembled Desktops with Intel P 4, Intel Dual core, Core2duo , CoreI3 , Core i5 , Core i7 Processors , 1gb/2gb/4gb/8gb/16gb Ram , 80 gb to 1 Tb Hard disk with CRT/LCD Monitors
  Laptops : Dell , Lenova, Compaq, Acer Emachines with Dual Core, Core2duo and Corei3 , Core i5 Processors
  Projector: LCD/DLP 200o to 3000 Lumens



CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) System comprises of a number of cameras connected to a viewing device (monitor) and a recording device (DVR). CCTV cameras of different coverage ranges, resolution, and for day-night vision are available.

Access Control systems are installed at the entrance points of an establishment / home so that no person can enter without identification. Moreover the in/out movement of persons is monitored and recorded in the access control system

Alarm systems are installed in offices , buildings, industries primarily as a measure of fire security. An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes like smoke and heat.